Where Has Polly Gone? is a comedic adventure story based on Math and it promotes ADD/ADHD awareness. I truly believe that this book will help children fall in love with Math by allowing them to recognize that polygons are all around them and that Math can be applied to every aspect of life. The main character of the book, Netta, has been diagnosed with ADHD. ADHD is a controversial issue in the classroom, among clinicians, and in our society. This book offers the reader the opportunity to see ADHD from a first-hand perspective. Where Has Polly Gone? has the ability to promote awareness, encourage educated discussions, and allow a child’s mind to be captured by Math.

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Book Bio

Netta is an ostrich who has a hard time paying attention in school. On the last day of school, a diversion outside causes Netta to miss the entire Math lesson on polygons. Netta becomes so engrossed with the distraction that she falls out of her chair and her glasses break into tiny polygons!

Mrs. Heed, the teacher, calls on her to answer a question on polygons, but she cannot read the board, and she is extremely confused because she wasn’t paying attention! In all of the chaos, Mrs. Heed’s question, “Where is the Polygon?” becomes a big misunderstanding and Netta assumes that Polly is gone.

Netta spends her summer vacation traveling all over the world in search of Polly. Each place that Netta visits has an abundance of polygons, starting with triangles and ending with decagons. However, Netta doesn’t realize that polygons are all around her!